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50th Anniversary Celebration

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F.A.Q. about Wilson's 50th Anniversary

Why did we celebrate Wilson's 50th Anniversary in 2015-2016?

Wilson's 1st year as a school was the 1966-1967 school year (Year 1).  The 2015-2016 school year marks Wilson's 50th school year.  The decision was made to Celebrate Wilson's 50th throughout it's 50th Year.  

Why was the Celebration in the Fall of 2015?

We chose to hold the celebration on the same date as our Homecoming Football Game which takes place in the Fall.  Many Alumni already make plans to return to Wilson's campus for this event, so we decided to hold it on the same day.    

Is Wilson planning any Reunions for the 50th graduating class?

The short answer is no.  Wilson High School does not, and has never been involved with individual class reunions.  Reunions have always been in the hands of class officers and alumni committees from each graduating class.  Wilson High School does plan to recognize the class of 1968* (Wilson's 1st graduating class) at the 2017 Graduation ceremony alongside the class of 2017 (Wilson's 50th graduating class).  More detailed information to follow.  

*In 1966-1967 - there was only 9-11th graders on campus.  So the class of 1968 is the 1st graduating class of Wilson High School.