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Class Description

Intermediate Theatre is a one-year class that drives more in-depth on the acting aspects of Introduction, focusing specifically on acting for the stage in group, duos, and monologues. Class time will be used to assist and excel students in voice, movement and imagination and continue their acting training. Students will be expected to be comfortable onstage and willing to excel and advance in their acting skills. Students are placed on a leadership team within the class and assist in various areas such as set, costumes, props, advertisement, fundraising and documentation. Intermediate Theatre students will participate in Haunted Theatre in October, Comedic One Acts in November, Dramatic One Acts in March and Senior Showcase in May. Participation in Introduction to Theatre and approval from Mrs. Weaver are required for acceptance into Intermediate Theatre.

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Intermediate Drama

Intermediate Theatre Events
Intermediate Drama 2017-2018
Intermediate Drama 2017-2018