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Course Description

Photography (Beginning) is a one year class which uses state visual arts standards to focus on artistic perception, creative expression, historical/cultural context, and aesthetic valuing. The class will provide an introduction to photographic techniques along with principals of art and design. Students will learn to manually configure a camera to correctly expose an image. They will learn chemical photo processes such as: mixing chemicals, developing and making prints. They will also learn digital techniques such as: download/import, edit/manipulate, save/archive and output/print. They will learn to use appropriate vocabulary for appreciation and evaluation of their own images as well as those of others. Students will be able to use photographic design as a method of communication and expression and have an understanding and respect for the craftsmanship used in various photographic careers. Students will explore various genres of photography such as landscape, action, and portraits utilizing photographic equipment such as shutter speed, aperture, zoom and studio lighting. “Thinking photography is as easy as pushing a button is like thinking that writing great poetry and novels is as easy as picking up a pencil.” - Unknown

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