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Course Description

Photography (Intermediate) is the intermediate level course that builds on the basics from Photo Beginning. This course is an integration of communication skills and advanced artistic proficiencies using photography as a focus. Emphasis is on creative, expository, and instructional writing using comprehensive photographic and design concepts. Students advance their mastery of color management, graphic design, selection of typography, texture, and layout design. This course reinforces production techniques, and aesthetics in Photography and develops production skills through hands-on experience with cameras, studio lighting, and imaging software in a digital workflow. This course explores the uses of photography in the humanities, emphasizing commercial and documentary photography and their social and historical significance. Students learn the importance of oral communication as a media tool through practiced public speaking. Students will use higher-order thinking skills through inquiry, observation, identification of relationships among pieces of information, and identification of patterns. Each student is encouraged to enter their work in the school, district and community art shows while producing a professional portfolio of work.

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A lot of information is provided on Google Classroom. You must log in with your school user name The link is also provided from your Aeries account.

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