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Welcome to the English Dept.

The English Department at Glen A. Wilson boasts a range of programs including the introduction in 2014-15 of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) for all 12th grade students not enrolled in AP Literature and two sections of  parallel instruction for English 2.  Traditional courses remain and include: college preparation, honors, ELD, AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and IB English.  All students must complete 4 years of English credits for graduation.  Furthermore, the English Department offers the elective of an award-winning journalism program with the print and online publication of the school newspaper Paw Prints. The department teaching faculty are involved on campus in advising or sponsoring a number of clubs and organizations. 


Instruction using the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is foundational to department goals and objectives as we help students to strive to maximize their potential in learning and literacy as well as to provide a solid literate foundation for success in achieving the GAWHS student outcomes (CATS):



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English Department Course Descriptions

English 1:


English 2:

The goal of English 2 is to provide instruction to increase the depth of all students’ understanding of English in reading, writing & research, language development, and speaking & listening based upon proficient mastery of the Common Core State Standards.  To accomplish the overall goal of the course, the teacher will emphasize close reading and analysis of both expository and literary texts using short stories, poetry, novels, drama, and non-fiction pieces. With guidance, students will also organize and produce well-written compositions including narratives, persuasive essays, and expository writing samples. Regular essay writing, including in-class timed samples, will prepare students for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), and subsequent English courses. In addition, students will receive direct instruction and support to gain a better understanding of the writing process and will use technology for research purposes to develop skills that will be used beyond high school. Students will also be required to participate in both formal and informal presentations throughout the year.  A collaborative environment will provide students the opportunity to develop critical thinking and higher level cognitive skills by sharing ideas and learning through listening and speaking opportunities with partners, in teams, and individually. All students are expected to leave English 2 with stronger analytical skills, a more developed understanding of the writing process, and an appreciation for various types of literature.   


English 3:


English 4:

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Department Directory

Contact Ember Arteaga  Ember Arteaga (626) 934-4584 English/English Department Chair/AVID
Contact Gino Barragan  Gino Barragan (626) 934-4585 English
Contact Josipa Casey  Josipa Casey (626) 934-4551 English
Contact Mike Gomez  Mike Gomez (626) 934-4583 English/Athletics
Contact Lisa Leung  Lisa Leung (626) 934-4559 English
Contact Mary-Louise Piner  Mary-Louise Piner (626) 934-4534 English
Contact Pilar Robles  Pilar Robles (626) 934-4537 English/Journalism
Contact Christina Rouw  Christina Rouw (626) 934-4507 English/IB Coordinator
Contact Enid Santos  Enid Santos (626) 934-4578 English/ELD Facilitator
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