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Athletic Clearance Procedure

Online Athletic Clearance Packet -

Dear Parents, 

     Each athlete needs to complete a series of steps to make sure they are eligible to compete at Glen A. Wilson High School. We now have a convenient and efficient process to clear your athlete online.  This will save you time and electronically store your information to be used yearly for your athlete and for multiple sports. It is very important that you have completed the school's online clearance process at prior to your first day of athletic participation.  Every athlete needs to have a current Physical examination and proof of insurance before they can train or compete with the team. This examination will need to be renewed each year to retain a current status and eligibility.  Please upload the Physical & Insurance form to the Athletic Clearance website.  Parents and students will also need to sign and upload HLPUSD Return to Play form.  Email Athletic Secretary Esther Curtiss at after you have uploaded those three items.  She will then review your account and you will receive email stating your student has been cleared. 


    In addition to our Clearance process, each athlete needs to continue in good academic standing in order to remain eligible. Basically each student needs to maintain a 2.0 GPA and pass four classes. We are committed to helping your student reach their full academic potential during the competitive season and throughout the entire school year.

Follow these steps


Physical Form, Proof of Health Ins., and HPLUSD Return to Play Form - Print and upload.

Email Athletic Secretary Esther Curtiss that you have completed steps 1 and 2.