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Visual Art/CTE Pathway

Glen A. Wilson HS is pleased to offer a Visual Art and CTE pathway in Photography.

Intro Course: Photography Beginning

Concentrator Course: Photography Intermediate

Concentrator Course: Photography Advanced

Capstone Class: Studio Art AP 2D Design or Yearbook

Please see the attached flyer for more information.


Kiley Craft

Course Descriptions

Photography Beginning
Semesters: 2 Credits: 10 Grades: 9-12
Credit: Fine Art Elective
Prerequisites: None

Photography (Beginning) is a one year class which uses state visual arts standards to provides an introduction to photographic techniques along with principles of art and design. Students learn to manually configure a camera, correctly expose an image, download/import, edit/manipulate, save/archive and output/print digital photos. They will also learn the vocabulary to evaluate the aesthetics of and successful communication through images in many genres of photography such as: Portraits, Architecture, Sports/Action, Nighttime/Low Light, Children, Landscapes, Food/Product, and shadows/silhouettes.


Photography Intermediate

Semesters: 2 Credits: 10 Grades: 10-12

Credit: Fine Art Elective

Prerequisites: Beginning Photography

This concentrator course builds on the topics in the beginning class. In addition to expanding the genres of photography, students learn to digitally enhance and manipulate their imagery. This course reinforces production techniques, and aesthetics in Photography and develops production skills. Each student is encouraged to enter their work in art shows while producing a professional portfolio of work.


Photography Advanced

Semesters: 2 Credits: 10 Grades: 10-12

Credit: Fine Art Elective

Prerequisites: Beginning Photography

This advanced level course that prepares students for the AP 2D Design course. Emphasis is on creative, and instructional writing while using photographic and design concepts. Students advance their mastery of elements, principles and rules of composition. This course explores the uses of photography in the humanities, emphasizing creative and experimental photography and its social and historical significance.


AP Studio Art: 2D Design: Photography

Semesters: 2 Credits: 10 Grades: 11-12

Credit: Fine Art Elective

Prerequisites: Beginning Photography

Is the capstone class for the pathway and follows the 2D Design course outline set forth by the College Board. Advanced art students work on a breadth of skills in both materials and concepts. An area of concentration, which focuses on either a particular subject matter or medium is also required. A quality section worthy of inspection by colleges, scholarship committees, and potential employers is produced.



Semesters: 2 Credits: 10 Grades: 9-12

The yearbook staff is responsible for creating a cumulative publication documenting the academic, athletic, extracurricular activities and events of the Glen A. Wilson High School campus throughout the year. Student will cover all of the organizations and events of the year through photography and writing. Students develop responsibility and discipline by meeting class and plant deadlines. Students will develop soft skills while interacting and collaborating with staff members, editors, and teachers. Students will practice effective communication with members of the school community outside of the classroom. Students will learn the digital publishing tools and procedures that are part of producing a professional publication (Word Processing, Desktop Publishing (InDesign), Image Editing (Photoshop).


About Me

Digital Arts Teacher with over a decade of experience skilled in the areas of desktop/web publishing, chemical and digital photography, and video. Well versed with professional graphics, web and productivity software: Ex. Apple Client/Server, iLife Suite, iWork Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, & Maxon Cinema 4D. Macintosh System Administrator who has hands on experience with generations of both Macintosh and Wintel Machines. Working knowledge of troubleshooting, installing, and upgrading computer hardware and networks.

Contact: Kiley Craft
Contact Kiley Craft  Kiley Craft (626) 934-4527 Art/Yearbook/CTE- Arts, Media, and Entertainment