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Mission Statement

Our Vision

At Glen A. Wilson High School, we are committed to a shared vision of academic excellence, social responsibility, creative expression, and athletic development.


Our Mission

Glen A. Wilson, an innovative and diverse community of learners, prepares students to be college and career ready, empowering them to achieve their potential through engagement in rigorous and relevant learning experiences and the formation of vital relationships.

Student Learner Outcomes
Wilson High School graduate are:

College and Career Ready:  

  • Critically read, interpret, and analyze a range of complex text and data in order to demonstrate, apply and communicate understanding.
  • Collaboratively and independently apply concepts and procedures in a practical context using various techniques and tools to problem solve, research, and present information.
  • Communicate effectively by writing for a variety of purposes and audiences and by engaging in academic discourse, precisely and purposefully supporting conclusions and arguments.

Lifelong Learners:  

  • Access the depth and rigor of the curriculum through collaboration, contributing to their own learning and the learning of others.
  • Discover, acquire, and apply new knowledge.
  • Reflect upon, compare, and critique their own understandings and the ideas of others.
  • Exercise talents, expertise, and flexibility to reach a common goal or solve a problem.
Responsible Citizens:
  • Manage individual responsibilities within a group.
  • Demonstrate shared responsibility by actively participating in group decisions.
  • Seek opportunities to serve the community by utilizing skills and pursuing their interests.