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2018 - 2019 Scholarship Listing

** Fall Semester **

REMEMBER: Check the financial aid pages for the schools that you are applying to for any scholarships specifically for students applying to that college or university.  These may be FULL RIDE scholarships!



Rudy Chavarria Scholarship - February 8   **LOCAL**

The Rudy Chavarria Scholarship Foundation is a public foundation established by Rudy Chavarria.  He worked 40 years in the Hacienda La Puente School District; retired, and was then elected to the school board for 10 years.  After retiring from the Board he started this foundation in order to provide the opportunity for students to continue their education after high school.   Students who have done well in school, have been active in school life and have shown positive effort in the face of life’s hardships are considered.  Students applying can attend any accredited college, university, vocational/technical school anywhere in the country and major in any subject.  Award amounts will vary.  Deadline to apply is February 8, 2019.   Application     Recommendation Form (print 2)

National Charity League, Inc. (NCL) – March 19

NCL is an organization of mothers and daughters committed to working together in community service.  Scholarships are awarded to high school senior girls who not only do well academically, but are very active in volunteering and serving their community.  Guidelines   Application

Dr. Chang Math & Science Award - April 10   **LOCAL**

One student from each HLPUSD high school who has excelled in Math and Sciences will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship.  Applicants must be seniors planning to pursue a college degree in a STEM related field and should have participated in STEM related competitions.  Application

Grandma Chu Memorial Scholarship – April 12   **LOCAL**

Four students from Glen A. Wilson will be awarded a scholarship!!!  Two in the amount of $300 each and two in the amount of $500! Applicants must complete an essay about an event or experience in your life that has made a strong, lasting impression on you and has shaped not only bho you are, but also what you hope to achieve.  Application  

Do Something Campaigns: Varies is the country’s largest not-for-profit for young people and social change. We spearhead national campaigns so 13- to 25-year-olds can make an impact.  Participate in a campaign to do something good and be entering in a scholarship drawing too.

Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes: OnGoing

This is not exactly a scholarship, but when you register for the CollegeSTEPS program, which does look pretty useful, you will automatically be entered into and ongoing sweepstakes to win $1,000.  There are 25 winners for every drawing and they do four drawings over the year.  See website for details.


Want to keep track of any scholarships you may be eligible for? 

Sign up for an account with,, or  It takes a while to complete the information, but then possible scholarships are sent directly to your inbox - this can also continue through college and include internships too!


Local Scholarships

Throughout the year, various scholarships will be posted that our local to Wilson HS or HLPUSD.  Most of these scholarships will have a Wilson winner guaranteed!  Be sure to check often and don't forget to sign up for your class Guidance REMIND to be notified when an update is posted!  Here are some names to watch for:

SGV Educational Foundation

Jeffrey Ron Gu Memorial Scholarship

HLP Scholarship

National Charity League Scholarship

Rudy Chavarria Scholarship

Rudy Chavarria Recommendation Form

Gino Kwok Scholarship

Jonathan Chang Scholarship

Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Rotary Club Scholarship

Grandma Chu Memorial Scholarship 

and more!!!

Scholarship Search Sites

Looking for as many scholarships as possible?  There are several great sites to use!  A new one in town is which lets you keep all your uploaded essays and letters ready to go!  There is also which has a great search feature and you can save any upcoming scholarships to your portfolio.

Signing up for an account on hooks you up with one of the largest and easiest to use scholarship search engines!  It will ask you a ton of questions in order to be sure you find out about every scholarship that you may be qualified for!

Want something you don't need to log into or create an account for? Discover has a pretty good scholarship search where you don't have to enter in your information, although you can.  There are also good resources on here about financial aid and understanding loans.